Franklin Direct is an innovative, flexible local Tasmanian company with a difference.


Franklin Direct has evolved from one of Tasmania’s established print manufactures into the progressive multifaceted company it is today, allowing it’s many customers the availability of a broad range of products and services. Whilst print design and management, product procurement, product research, product development and global logistics are the core areas of Franklin’s experience, we also provide other personalised services such as our free ordering and tracking portal as well as our online retail outlet.

Introduced in 2020, the online retail outlet has a broad range of interesting, individual quality products suited to today’s way of living and provides a secure, easy to use platform for the whole family.

For our supply customers, our proven product procurement strategy involves understanding the future usage requirements to manage their supply with proven solutions that are tailored to individual needs. All this, whilst being aware of the financial and quality issues that can sometimes dictate supply.

Franklin Direct has built strong, reliable domestic and international supply chains enabling us to deliver an extended range of quality products. We love the challenge of researching products and then creating effective logistical pathways for global delivery.

For over fifteen plus years Franklin Direct has been providing solutions to a broad range of Australian companies and individual customers and we welcome your interest in becoming part of our expanding network.

Meet The Team

Nicholas Hawker

Director / Founder

Nicholas took over the reins of Franklin Direct when it was Franklin Press in 1998.

With over 40 years' experience in the print industry, he identified a need for change and over the last 22 years has expanded the capabilities of Franklin Direct from local print shop to global procurer of services and product whilst maintaining the company's core values.

Nicholas is always looking for new and interesting products to bring to the market and regularly travels overseas to visit suppliers.

David Thorne

Prepress Manager

David joined Franklin Direct as a prepress operator in 2005 after completing his studies in Computer Science at UTas in 2004.

After more than 15 years with the company David now has a wide range of skills including but not limited to prepress services, logistics, production management, and product research and development.

David is excited to be implementing new and innovative ordering platforms to enhance Franklin Direct's new and existing customer base.

Melin Liu

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Melin was welcomed to the Franklin Direct team in 2019.

Melin hails from Chongqing, China and has taken on the role of social media coordinator as well as liaison between our Tasmania office and overseas suppliers, many of whom are in her home country.

Melin is passionate about customer service and holds herself to a high professional standard at all times. She is a welcome addition to the team.

Izzy Hawker


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